Band Poster

Capture Dovetail's Cultural Footprint Visually

Vibe Team reached out and asked the creative team for some band poster to put around the office as an culture add to the office workspace.

Visual Design

Graphic Design




High collaborative, cross functional
One of our many Dovetail-isms, HCCF (highly collaborative, cross functional) is a core principal for how we like to work at Dovetail.
We love working in small, cross-functional teams, to allow us to move quickly and be aglie. The acronym first got coined by Benjamin in an all-hands, where he was speaking about our best ways of working and what makes us successful. HCCF has since stuck!

This is an in person photo of the band poster

Easter eggs: 1) "If you're gonna laugh, unmute" was a famous quote from the CEO, Benjamin. 2) "Specimen No.80": I am the 80th employee of Dovetail 3) You can try scan the QR code to see where it takes you :)

I added parental advisory badge since "Go HCCF Yourself" is a joke originated from "Go F Yourself."

Easter eggs: 1) Geocode is the headquarter of Dovetail. 2) "Zusammenkommen ist ein beginn, zusammenbleiben ist ein fortschritt, zusammenarbeiten ist ein erfolg." translates to "Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success," which relates to the collaborative theme of the poster.

This is the full screen view of the poster.